The significance of effective preparation for asset inventory.


Even though asset inventory might seem laborious at first glance, its significance for businesses is proven. Careful preparation is crucial to ensure that the inventory is conducted efficiently and yields accurate results. In this post, we will delve into the importance of preparing for asset inventory and introduce some best practices for successful implementation.

Anlageninventur erfolgreich planen

Why is preparation important?

Accuracy of Inventory: Thorough preparation enables the identification and minimization of potential sources of error, resulting in more accurate results that form the basis for informed business decisions.

Time and Cost Savings: Well-prepared inventory teams can perform their work more efficiently, leading to a reduction in work hours and associated costs.

Compliance and Legal Certainty: In many industries, companies are legally obligated to conduct regular inventories. Properly prepared inventory ensures that these legal requirements are met.

How can one prepare?

Documentation and Organization: Start by cleaning up your assets to be inventoried. Clear documentation facilitates the identification, allocation, verification, and labeling of assets, especially when multiple responsible inventory managers are involved. Creating an asset catalog can be helpful. This catalog clearly defines how certain inventories should be named in the system, for example, “Lenovo ThinkPad 19-inch Black Notebook.” The clearer the guidelines, the fewer misunderstandings there will be afterwards.

Employee Training: Ensure that all employees participating in the inventory have the necessary knowledge and skills. We are happy to offer training for the correct implementation of the inventory so that you can increase efficiency and minimize errors.

Alternatively, we are also happy to provide you with a quote for the deployment of our experienced inventory teams on-site. Inquire about an offer here without obligation.

Utilize Technological Support: Modern technologies such as barcode scanners and inventory software significantly facilitate the inventory process. They enable faster data capture and offer functions for verifying and managing your inventory data.

Thanks to our inventory software INVENTIRE, you can avoid the tedious and time-consuming task of creating detailed Excel lists of all assets to be inventoried. Our software can be configured as both cloud-based and on-premise solutions. Your existing inventory is directly imported via interface, and new assets can be easily added and edited. Additionally, all data can be sorted by categories such as location, value, and intended use. Because in every inventory, clear assignment facilitates the identification and verification of your assets.
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Review of the Work Environment: Ensure that the work environment is suitable for conducting the inventory. Here are some examples: providing a separate room for work preparation, a device trolley for label and RFID printers, sufficient labels and stickers, access permissions for specific areas of your company.

Planning for Unexpected Events:

Despite careful preparation, unexpected issues may arise during the inventory. Therefore, plan in advance, for example, by allowing sufficient buffer in time management or keeping spare hardware available.


Thorough preparation not only contributes to the accuracy and efficiency of the inventory but also ensures that legal requirements are met and the company has reliable data for its business decisions. By following the above advice, you can ensure that the asset inventory runs (relatively) smoothly and provides real value to your company.

We are happy to support you with your asset inventory using our software INVENTIRE and our experienced staff in asset inventory implementation at your location – worldwide.

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