INVENTIRE is one of the leading tools for conducting asset inventories.

Asset Inventory Software – additional features

Data synchronization with fixed asset accounting

INVENTIRE keeps your fixed asset accounting up-to-date by implementing a synchronization interface that fits your system.

Updating time-dependent data

On request, INVENTIRE can change cost centers, locations, rooms, and more in your fixed asset accounting.

Central asset management

Do you use multiple systems to manage your assets? INVENTIRE is the central tool that connects,

for example, IT management with medical equipment or fixed assets with tool management. We connect the systems and provide a clear view of your entire inventory.

Low-value asset management

With INVENTIRE, you can manage your low-value assets, IT equipment, and many other items that need to be recorded in addition to fixed assets.

Label printing from fixed asset accounting

We support label printing directly from your fixed asset accounting.

Multi-client capable

INVENTIRE supports multiple clients and posting periods.

The central component of the overall system is the software INVENTIRE, which, among other things, enables data exchange with your accounting system.

INVENTIRE is capable of supporting multiple users and can be implemented in your network, locally, or as a browser-based web solution. The data can be permanently managed within INVENTIRE or synchronized with your accounting system. If you also want to synchronize data with a third-party system, no problem, INVENTIRE is also well suited for this purpose.

INVENTIRE is available in the flavors of Windows, macOS, and Linux.


Database server

Asset data



Barcode scanner Smartphone RFID reader


Label printer

Do you want it to be easier?

Simply contact us. We will gladly send you more information, arrange a free web presentation, or provide you with a demo version of the INVENTIRE inventory software.



SAP Logo


For SAP users, we offer certified interfaces to SAP FI-AA and SAP PM.

Depending on the customer’s requirements, we can use various technologies such as RFCs, batch input, or web services. In addition, we support the labeling of assets with barcode and RFID labels and direct printing from SAP.

diamant software Logo

Diamant/3 & Diamant/4

Use your Diamond/3 and Diamond/4 fixed asset accounting in conjunction with our inventory software INVENTIRE.

Direct access is possible via the web service API.
In the context of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, we offer an interface to EVA of IHK-GfI mbH for fixed asset inventory and asset registration.

Datev Logo


We have been supporting data exchange with DATEV Asset for over 15 years.

For DATEV users, updating asset data is done with just a few clicks.


Unit4 Logo


The internationally active software company is a provider of the software "Unit4 Business World".

Together with our inventory software INVENTIRE, you have a secure solution for your inventory.

Mach Logo


The continuous updating of fixed assets in MACH asset accounting is significantly simplified with the inventory system INVENTIRE.

The data exchange between the asset inventory system INVENTIRE and the asset accounting system is carried out via an existing interface. Which data is exchanged or updated is coordinated with the MACH users. During the inventory taking on site, the recorder has access to extensive information from the asset accounting. The inventory is recorded using barcode or RFID inventory labels, making the asset inventory a breeze.

Wilken Software Group Logo

Wilken Software Group

In cooperation with Wilken Entire AG, detzner systemtechnik gmbH has developed the INVENTIRE inventory software into the product InvEntire.

InvEntire is a patented inventory software that is available to customers of Wilken Entire AG. For this purpose, an interface was implemented which provides an easy and fast solution for your inventory.

Varial Logo


We have also developed an inventory software for this ERP system in partnership with Varial, which is based on INVENTIRE.

As with other partners, a specially developed interface was also implemented here to make Vadis available easily, quickly and without problems.

Other interfaces

HIS, ProAlpha, Infor, Schleupen, NAVISION, Oracle, Sage, Orbis, and many more.

Our inventory software INVENTIRE supports a flexible interface. This can be adapted to your ERP system with little effort. This means that an efficient asset inventory with your asset accounting is also possible without a direct ERP interface.

Your ERP system not listed?

Write to us. We can provide you with further information on how we can implement an interface between your ERP system and our inventory software.