Industry expertise: The key to successful inventory management


INVENTIRE gives you a mobile overview of your company's technology and furniture.

Whether it’s public administration, office space, or coworking space, systematic inventory recording in the office is of great benefit for efficient management of all items and assets. Inventory can be labeled with RFID or QR codes, or simply by recording the tags provided by the manufacturer. Office inventory recording enables more accurate budgeting, as it provides an overview of the current inventory and improves decisions regarding the purchase of new items.


Use INVENTIRE as a central tool in production. INVENTIRE connects all inventory sources. Inventories report to INVENTIRE automatically and can also be captured via RFID and QR codes on mobile devices. Where is each inventory item located? Which equipment is used by logistics? Are the tools complete? When will each cost center complete the inventory? INVENTIRE provides the answers and can update the fixed asset accounting system upon request.

Inventire, Ihre Inventursoftware auch in der Industrieproduktion-Schnell, einfach und Mobil.

Research and Education

Inventire, um auch im Labor den Überblick über alle Materialien, wie Mikroskope und Reagenzgläser zu behalten. So wisse Sie genaustens überIhr Inventar am Arbeitsplatz bescheid.

INVENTIRE manages inventory in laboratories, research centers, and educational institutions. It enables maintenance of all important data related to laboratory equipment. The allocation of maintenance dates including reminders, allocation of photos and documents, management of responsibilities and device-specific data make INVENTIRE an indispensable tool in research and education.

Data Centers

Inventorying in the data center, often classified as a high-security area, is a prerequisite for a complete proof of technology. What hardware is installed in which rack? Which switches, routers, bridges, memory modules are available at which location? INVENTIRE provides a complete overview of your data center.

Inventire hilft Ihnenen den Überblick zu behalten. So zum Beisipiel mit der Inventuraufnahme Ihres Severraumes.

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